Monday, 2 January 2012

Almond & Peach Tart with Honey

We are so fortunate to live on a farm with fruit trees and chooks... I love how the seasons change and the bounty that the trees bring...we have had already a lovely crop of plums...a few amazing apricots and the most divine harvest of white peaches... I eagerly await the next crop of plums, quinces and even our rosehips....
I love that big baskets of fruit land on my kitchen bench... and the cooking that follows...cakes, bakes, sauces and childhood memories are of this seasonal fruit and vegetable take over that happens.... we get so excited when a new fruit or vegetable is ready...the first the moment I'm making daily trips to our fig tree squeezing and searching for that first ripe beauty!!
I'm sure I'll share more of this as the weeks progress...I will definitely have to share my father's Hungarian capsicum recipe with you....
But for now what to do with ALL these peaches...

Almond & Peach Tart

This tart is one that I use as a base for many fruits... apricot, fig, blackberry, raspberry... list is endless and the tart is so easy… I think it really great to have a few rock solid recipes that you can pull out with confidence...

2 cups of plain flour
100g unsalted butter
1 egg water
2 cups almond
100g butter
2 eggs
1/3 cup of honey... bush, cinnamon or vanilla...

So to make...
Heat your oven to 200c
In a bowl place 2 cups of plain flour. Add butter and with the tips of your fingers crumble the flour and butter together. Add the egg and combine. Add a splash of cold water until the dough starts to form. On a floured surface gently knead the dough to fully combine. Then wrap the dough in grease proof paper and place in the fridge.
The trick to really good pastry is the right fingers...and minimal working of the dough...
If you don't want to make your own then use Careme Pastry... its a Barrossa product...handmade not bad fats...their sour cream short crust is perfect for this tart...

While your pastry is chilling....
Take almonds and place in food processor and grind until fine. Then add butter, eggs and honey and blend until a smooth paste.
Take your pastry out of the fridge and roll out... grease and flour a 23cm flan tin and then line with pastry... and blind bake
I have a little trick that I like to use when blind baking...I use layer is enough and after ten minutes you have lovely roasted almonds that you can eat ~ use in salads or pestos... 

To assemble...
After the pastry is baked fill with almond mix and arrange fruit on top.... just a sprinkle of brown sugar on the top will cause the peaches to caramalise....yum

Bake for about 20 minutes until brown and then reduce heat for another 10 - 20 mins until set and firm.
This gorgeous tart can be had warm or cold... I prefer cold with whipped cream

Enjoy !!!

Honey Lady

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  1. Ooooh this sounds divine! I just picked up a bag of beautiful peaches from the Central Market this morning so I will definitely have a go at this. I love the tip for blind baking too - genius!

    Erini @ she cooks, she gardens. :)